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Losing Touch with Old Friends

Do you have any friends you regret not keeping in touch with?Paintbrushes


When I had moved I did really well keeping in touch with Ashley. We wrote letters all the time. I still have them stowed away. She kept the relationship going and I just wrote sparingly. Part of it was laziness, and I felt I became less interesting. Nothing super creative, or interesting, was going on in my life. Then I got pregnant and all writing on my end stopped. I sort of forgot about her, and the rest of the world at that point. When you loose touch how do you just get back on track? It seems so easy- just write another letter! But it's so hard. Even years later I want to write, I do, but it never gets sent. What do I say? How do I apologize? What if I seem crazy for writing after so long? What if she's mad? What if she doesn't care? And so another letter goes in the trash. The only connection I have is Facebook and its not like were commenting and liking all the time. Though I got such glee when she accepted my friends request.